Toronto Taxpayers Coalition Questionnaire

Toronto Taxpayers Coalition led by Matthew McGuire

Councillor Elect Ward 20 | Michael Monaghan’s Response:


1. Do you support a property tax cap ensuring future hikes are no greater than the rate of inflation?

A target tax cap based on predetermined assumptions within a measurement range for goal-setting. A hard cap may sound good but not realistic.

2. Where, specifically, do you advocate finding savings in the current city budget?

Savings will come from operations and procurement budget efficiencies. Further, refined by examining and extrapolating meaningful data to analyze the flow of processes by department, as well as, department crossover flows to derive efficiencies and maximize productivity.

3. Do you support reducing the size of Toronto City Council?

I do not think reducing Council improves how Council operates. The access to more information allows for a more balanced result overall when dealing with general issues.

4. Will you support contracting out garbage collection east of Yonge Street?

Contracting out services is an important tool to get best value for the taxpayer.

5. What are your thoughts on the Municipal Land Transfer Tax – will you support reducing it or eliminating it?

The City needs the Municipal Land Transfer Tax. How the City taxes is the issue. System needs an overhaul and restructured in a more meaningful and transparent way.

6. Toronto’s unemployment rate is much higher than the provincial rate. What are your ideas to create job growth in Toronto?

Infrastructure investing is most important. Goods and Services need to move much quicker in order to increase GDP. Need to get more money in the pocket of business and allow them the confidence to invest in people. Also, need to equally target technology in order to be competitive on the world stage and increase quality of life for residents.

7. It seems City Council has been debating public transit forever with little results to show. How would you fund new transit projects to ease congestion for everyone? Do you feel we need to change the current transit planning process?

The Vehicle Registration Tax should never have been repealed. A DRL could have been started with the funds from this tax and the previously agreed to LRT that was fully paid for should have moved forward to ease gridlock as quickly as possible. Thereafter a more long term strategy could evolve.

8. Labour negotiations will be a big part of the next council term. What advice do you have for the city’s negotiating team to get the best deal for taxpayers?

Labour negotiations need to be fair and balanced. It’s about getting the best value overall qualitatively based on current and real market indicators.

9. Do you see opportunities for public-private partnerships (P3s) involving the City of Toronto? Where, specifically?

There are always opportunities for P3’s. Where, you ask? The question should be how can we create them? Requires a more focused group or committee designated to create value added P3’s that reports to council quarterly.

10. What is the top issue of concern for residents in your ward? What will you do as Councillor to address the issue?

Transportation, Safety, Homelessness: Investing in infrastructure and Not selling assets. Community policing by integration on a micro level and being more involved within each community. TCHC needs a complete makeover as well as Social Services (OW, shelters, etc.,) in order to redefine how progressive the City can be tackling the homeless and mental health issues.

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