Below you will find Michael J. Monaghan’s responses to questions from social planning. Social planning condensed the response to their questions in a manner that may not truly reflect the intent of Michael J. Monaghan after their adjustments.

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Michael J. Monaghan

Michael Monaghan Ward 20    
Public Transit Ensure access by setting committees to lobby for funding from upper level governments and liaising with TTC to understand funding and infrastructure needs.
Good Jobs Improve jobs and wages by placing infrastructure to efficiently and quickly increase movement of goods/ services, allows business to increase profitability and improve jobs/wages
Revenue and Taxes Implement Vehicle Registration tax. Set committees to lobby upper level governments for funding.  Increase property tax to level that meets city’s needs to maintain public services.
Private Rental Housing Opposes landlord licensing program because would increase administration costs. Suggests effective oversight from existing staff and resources.
Social Housing Convince provincial and federal government to pay fair share by setting committees to lobby for funding continually from upper level governments, for TCHC.
Expansion of Toronto Island Airport Opposes expansion because there is no current need.
Poverty Reduction Strategy Supports strategy that includes oversight by committee reporting to council, has resources dictated by budget, and addresses differing needs of different communities.
Living Wage Opposes living wage for city employees because free market and other economic factors should dictate living wage, the city should not dictate how citizens should live.
Shelters and Homelessness Address homelessness by reducing administration costs, implementing committee oversight, and implementing guidelines that represent specific needs.
Community Services Supports increase to CPIP budgets because investing in community results in continual evolving and improvement.
Food Security Address food insecurity by overhauling administration of social services and determining contributing factors and deal with the root of the problem.
Student Nutrition Program Ensure access to food at school by continually investing in student nutrition programs to make sure its needs are determined and met.
Child Care Ensure access to quality childcare for all through oversight, continual investment and establishing a committee lobbying federal and provincial government for support.
After-school Programming Ensure access to out-of-school-time programming by continually investing and having boards set citizen/board committees to report needs to Council.
Environment Address environmental concerns by investing in infrastructure and continually investing.
Arts Supports increase to arts and culture per capita funding because it is an investment in us that cannot be underestimated as to its importance and its value to our children.
Recreation Ensure access for all by continued and increased investment, realignment within administrations to expand services and improve availability for all.
Toronto Public Library Supports reinvestment in Toronto Public Library because of its value to children and the future.
Social Planning Strategies Invest in Neighbourhood Improvement Areas by creating public/private committees to identify needs for each area and a task force to advise council of needs.
Accessibility Ensure access for people with disabilities by setting a committee with direct feedback and participation from the general public.
Access and Equity Address inequality of life chances by maintaining certain duty to care for all citizens, educating staff, and ensuring oversight is in place.
Police Carding Opposes carding because it interferes with a person’s right to freedom of choice. Opposes oversight body because carding should be abolished therefore no need for oversight.
Gender and Municipal Policy Ensure policy reflects needs of diverse women by addressing issues that arise.
Ranked Ballot System Opposes ranked ballots and Instant Runoff Voting because one ballot means one vote, why complicate the matter?

The above list includes summarized versions of responses from candidates who have completed the survey. You may find the full versions of their responses on our election website at Learn more about Social Planning Toronto at

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