Dear Residents,

Being a dog owner I know how important public access is to these areas at Central Tech.
There are other issues as well recently brought to my attention regarding this field.
Also, there is no one size fits all answer for this type of issue. Someone will feel slighted no matter what decision is made.
What is important is this;
1. As many residents as possible should be involved in the decision making process,
2. As well as, having all the facts to make sure whichever way it goes it is based on everyone being well informed in a clear and articulate manner.

I know this does not directly answer your questions, but, keeping in mind I’m not an elected official and not up to speed on this file.

First and foremost it is a decision that must be made by the residents et al, and thereafter presented to the City in a clear and concise manner.

I believe this sheds some light as to how I would approach this and other issues.

Michael J. Monaghan |


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